Dogs need to be challenged intellectually.  They were bred to work.  The more a dog learns, the happier it will be psychologically.  You can give your dog a more fulfilling life by attending our Advanced Class (obedience, agility & play), Drop-In Class (obedience, trick training & play), Obedience Walks , (various locations), Trick Training Classes or Tracking Sessions .   Plus, its just plain fun!  You can also enter your pet's photo for Dogman's Annual Calendar and join us for various Holiday/Event Photo Shoots.

Advanced Class  - This is an outdoor evening class where obedience, agility and play take place in a fenced-in area.

Obedience Walks - This is a great opportunity to socialize and work your dog under high distraction!  Working your dog in a group can relieve the uneasiness you might otherwise fe el training alone with your dog in public. With the constant flow of passerbys, manners are consistently being exercised.   Join us for an hour outdoors at various Cape locations.  $10

Trick Training  - Learn how to teach your dog tricks and impress all your friends.

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Tracking - Want a great team building experience for you and your dog?  Then this activity is for you!  Its not so much what your dog learns, but what you learn about your d og and their natural ability to track.   It truly is amazing to experience. Participants for this class need not be a prior studen t of mine, but any dog aggressive dogs can not attend.   This is promised to be a very constructive, educational and most of all fun time!  Two hours of “Through the woods we go!”  $10

Dogman's Annual Calendar - Enter your pet's photo to be chosen for the Annual Dogman Calendar!

HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST - J oin us for a spooktacular time of fun costumes, prizes & of course photos! 


PHOTOS WITH SANTA JOE -   Share some holiday cheer with us and get your photo taken with Santa Joe! 

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